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Daniele Marzeddu

birth date: 27/03/1978
telephone: UK +44(0)7818784797
cell phone: IT +39 3933025260
films: Laguna artigiana
CIPSI: campagna 'Libera l'Acqua'
Biblioteca della cittą. Dai lavori agli scrittori
Bologna-Bosnia sosta vietata
In ricordo di Gilberto. Pelago "On the road festival" 2005
Vivere a fuoco
Sorpasso d'asino
Tram/andare in poesia
What do you think about Italy?
Silvio. Emigrante d'arte
Fiom. A Journey through the Metalworkers' Base
Gli zoccoli nuovi
H2A. L'acquedotto in amianto
Roots and Routes
Donne alla ribalta
Mani sulla Sanitą
Sindaci contro
Born in Italy in 1978, I travelled across Europe and North America since the 90's in company of my compact camera. I experienced both Photography and Cinema like as a dream with the eyes wide open, also with the (marvellous) chance of choosing and keeping what everyone's eye wants to see, like making an utopia be possible.

Everything stands out from the frame as we can clearly see from the history of art.

I consider myself a world citizen as I lived in Sicily, Sardinia, South Tyrol, Lisbon, Venice, Florence and Bologna. Currently based in the UK, I am always moved by curiosity: this can be filled by travels and visions.


Gli zoccoli nuovi Best Documentary at "Il gusto della memoria Festival" Rome, 2013. Selected at "MAV 2014. MATERIALI di ANTROPOLOGIA VISIVA", Rome, 27-29 november 2014

Laguna Artigiana Documentary. Honorable Mention "100 anni CGIL Veneto", Venice 2006

Tram/Andare in poesia short film. Honorable Mention "Raccorti Toscani Award 2006", Florence 2006

Since 2008 I have run my own business, Studioeffe22, specialising in digital production: I have been shooting promotionals for the website, reportages for the web and for the Agency

Also thanks to these experiences, along with my great passion for documentaries, I achieved a good level of video making, editing and retouching, getting knowledgeable of the tricks and the phases of workflow on the images and the videos as well.

In 2013 I founded the website which contains the main films and documentaries I have produced since 2005.

In 2015 I moved to the UK.
In ricordo di Gilberto (2005), Vivere a Fuoco (2006), Laguna Artigiana (2006), Roots and Routes (2006), Tram/andare in poesia (2006), CIPSI: Campagna "Libera l'acqua" (2008), Silvio. Emigrante d'arte (2008), 4 aprile 2009: Caccia grossa (2009), What do you think about Italy? (2009), Bologna-Bosnia (sos)ta vietata (2010), Sorpasso d'asino (2011), Donne alla ribalta (2011), FIOM. Viaggio nella base dei metalmeccanici (2012), Gli zoccoli nuovi (2013), H2A. L'acquedotto in amianto (2013), Mani sulla sanitą (2014), Parmigiano Reggiano Biologico. La scelta naturale (2014), Sindaci contro (2015)
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