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Narrating, informing, recalling society and its transformations through images: this is the way documentary expresses itself. An audiovisual language that is becoming essential to understand contemporary reality and to go into those subjects that are usually excluded from the mainstream circuit.

D.E-R, an Association of Documentarists from Emilia-Romagna, together with the Film Library of the Legislative Assembly and the Emilia-Romagna
Film Commission, offers to authors and producers the opportunity to periodically update the videocatalogue with their new works, trailers, pictures, synopsis, and biographies.

DOCUMENTANDO is a dynamic census of the present-day documentary production, it gives visibility to all of those creative and productive realities that mainly work in Emilia-Romagna, and it gives them the chance to promote themselves.

You can find, to le right column, the new productions and the authors under 30.

Only authors, producers and distributors who reside, work, or have a direct connection to Emilia-Romagna can register on the web site.

We believe that this important instrument, both in Italian and in English, will not only bring new visibility abroad, but it will also encourage curiosity and exchanges among the authors and producers of this Region.

videocatalogo documentando

New entries Under 30


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